Hair loss help

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I have just got back from holiday, where I miraculously managed to hold on to my extensions but have come back with a mysterious orange colour on the ends of my hair!

I’m not sure whether that’s because the sun stripped the hair back to its original colour or not but I was just so grateful to have my first holiday with a full head of hair in several years that I didn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

While I was away however, I got lots of emails from people who have been reading the blog and wanted to find out more about their options in terms of hair replacement systems.

Hearing about other people’s struggles and knowing all too well how it feels to not know where to turn for help was so moving but also overwhelming in some respects. I felt a big responsibility to give the ‘right’ advice: not easy to do over email, especially as I am definitely not an expert on hair replacement systems.

Hair replacement systems, as I’ve discussed here and here are a big investment, not just financially but emotionally too, so it’s important to feel confident in your choice. Of course, it’s equally important to remember that wigs, extensions and weaves are not your only option: lots of people happily opt for sprays like Fullmore to cover any thinning patches, and wear their natural hair proudly. Scarves or headbands work well for others: the main thing is to find what works best for you and your condition and makes you feel beautiful and confident in yourself.

When I started this blog a few months ago, I wanted to share my experience of hair loss, partly in order to try and deal with the emotional fallout of the last few years and partly to share what I felt was very hard-earned knowledge of the options available in terms of help and solutions. However, receiving people’s emails made me realise how limited my knowledge and experiences actually are. A lot of what I have learned is from advice available on the internet, other blogs and hair loss forums. There is some amazing advice out there but as one email said, there is so much help out there that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start!

So, I’d like to crowdsource your advice and top tips! From hair replacement systems to wigs, to treatments and advice on staying strong, I’d love you to comment below with any advice you can share. Us hair loss sufferers truly are stronger together!